Samantha Schaffer



Illustration, Typography


Pittsburgh, PA

Senior Quote

“I’m starting to feel like I’m trapped in an Avril Lavigne lyric here.”—David Rose

Future Goals

To make my own graphic novel.

Longest amount of time you’ve worked on a single project?

A whole semester.

Best Moment of VCD

Ken O’Grady getting us through VCD studio.

Worst Moment of VCD

That damn square project.

What inspires you?

Some illustrators that inspire me are: Cheyenne barton, Tiffany Tan, and Paloma the Peach.

Best advice you’ve been given

That sketchbooks are supposed to be full of mistakes.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?


Favorite Typeface

Avenir Next

What’s your Theme Song?

Kick It To Me—Sammy Rae & The Friends