Katie Sullivan



Typography, Packaging, and Branding.


Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Senior Quote

“Always strive to be creative, think abstractly and push the boundaries of design.”

Future Goals

I desire to continually push myself to grow no matter where I end up. Someday I hope to give back to the design community through teaching and mentorship.

Longest amount of time you’ve worked on a single project?

50+ hours

Best Moment of VCD

Honestly, the friends that I have made because of this program as well as the teachers who have believed in me and pushed me. Oh and of course all of the David Middleton stories!

Worst Moment of VCD

Trying to make the perfect rectangle till 5am in the morning…

What inspires you?

Being in nature, friends, and family.

Best advice you’ve been given

“Be happy and healthy, have fun and take some chances when you can.” – David Middleton

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Coffee & Netflix 👍

Favorite Typeface


What’s your Theme Song?

Love & War In Your Twenties—Jordy Searcy