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The VCD 2021 Senior Show is Update! Update is representative of our learning and iterative processes during our years at Kent. This is a reflection of how we grew, evolved, and ultimately updated as designers. Just as Adobe does every year, we want to showcase and celebrate our new tools and capabilities as graduating designers. This show is a final update for our graduating class, a transition from the classroom to the workforce, from Kent to the rest of the globe.

Thank You to Our Professors

From the Class of 2021, thank you to our professors for guiding us through the start of our design journey and letting us grow into the designers that we are today. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Special Thanks

Show Branding Group

Sarah Schwartz
Amanda Lopez
Katie Sullivan
Tiarra Lucas
Spencer Patrick
Abigail Archer

Photography Group

Madeleine Johnson
Elliot Burr
Rachael Armbruster
Caroline Digel

Digital Group

Brittany Miller
Maeve Chambers
Emma Vogel
Samantha Salkin
Hannah Bragg
Serena Harmuth
Isabella Suglio

Video Group

Danielle Myers
Micah Carey
Amy Seeds
Sammy Schaffer

Look Book Group

Rebecca Witt
Katie Blazek
Haley Carstensen
Stefani Jopek
Emily Hartwig
Kylee Wright

Communications Group

Sarita Kunde
Wesley Koogle
Meghan O’Reilly
Emma Wadel
Kaylee Smith

Exhibition Group

Hannah Bragg
Micah Carey
Amanda Lopez
Sarah Schwartz
Amy Seeds
Katie Sullivan
Meghan O’Reilly